COSMOS Certification

Because we wanted our work to be validated we have obtained the COSMOS certification that guarantees: responsible use of natural resources, respect of biodiversity, absence of petrochemical ingredient ( except for authorized preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants, absence of GMO, Recyclable packaging, environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health and development of the concept of green chemicals 

Reef-friendly Certified

Because we care about you but also about the planet it was only natural for us to use the less coral invasive ingredients that we could find on the market. Developed by scientists and regulatory experts, the BIORIUS ‘Reef-friendly’ certification is backed by robust evidence published in peer-reviewed articles and ensures.

Vegan Certified

Thanks to the label of the vegan society we are able to demonstrate that our products are not tested nor come from any animal whatsoever.